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The Good Kind of Pins and Needles

Cancel any appointments to see your plastic and cosmetic surgeons because I have unlocked the secret to anti-ageing and it's called Dermapen Skin Needling!

I was skeptical at first when my skin therapist at Celcius told me that there was a cutting edge skin rejuvenation treatment available, that was relatively painless, promised results after 1 session and would reverse the signs of my sun damage, acne scarring and ageing. I have since had 2 sessions (1 per 4 weeks) and i have a completely new skin!

The facial itself goes for a whole hour which promises results and a very relaxing experience. First my skin was prepped, this means a double cleanse followed by the application of a topical anesthetic. This was allowed to activate for 20mins whilst my scalp and hands were massaged. Then the apparatus was applied to my face - a wand like device with 7 microscopic needles at the end, all of which oscillate over my skin creating "controlled trauma".  

Initially after the treatment my skin looked like i had a mild "sunburn" effect, which thanks to the amazing post treatment skincare i was prescribed only lasted a few hours. In the next two-three days after my dermapen session, my skin flaked and peeled which i was assured was very normal and intended. A couple more days after that and I had a whole new face! Due to the down time i would recommend having this done at least 1 week PRIOR to a function. 

Honestly ladies (and fellas) you need to experience this, not only was it much more cost effective and painless compared to its treatment counterparts (surgery and dermal injectables) but i got the results i was promised.

Upon doing my research into dermapen i came across some negative feedback from clients whom has been to well known laser skin establishments within South Australia. The feedback was pretty consistent in that most people didn't notice a result or experienced pain during the treatment. I inquired about this with my skin therapist at Celcius and i was advised that this is due to the treatment not being performed properly, more specifically:

  • The topical anesthetic must be left on your skin for 15-20 minutes prior to the application of the apparatus 
  • The dermapen's oscillating settings arent customized throughout the treatment to the varying skin densities
  • The correct skincare compatible with the treatment must be used during treatment and purchased afterward to maintain results

If you want to see results, then book a consult with the girls at Celcius Skin Clinic 08 8274 1111.

Until next time, love your skin xx

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