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My name is Robert Quinn and I live in beautiful Roswell, Georgia with my wife and three youngest (of five) children. While my older children taught me about parenting, my younger ones have certainly taught me about patience, which is the cornerstone of a successful artisan. My younger kids have provided a whole new insight into product durability. A piece in the hands of 6 year old twin boys for 30 minutes is the equivalent of 5 years use by an adult. By the way, the combination of peanut butter, jelly and a shaving brush will not end well.

I have been working with wood in various fashions (furniture, toys, pens, etc.) for over 50 years and while I have gained experience with each venture, it is wood turning that continues to draw me back. More than any other woodworking medium, wood turning seems to foster a real relationship between the artist and the material. I have picked up a block of wood and known immediately what the end product would look like, while I have had a piece sit, stoically, on my workbench for weeks before it tells me what it should be. Perhaps it is the shaping of a block of wood, the choice of finish or the resulting style that makes every piece unique, or maybe it’s just allowing the wood itself to guide you to the finished product.

“There are no mistakes, only kindling” – Anonymous Woodworker