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Born and raised in Austin, Texas, VERB Haircare hails from the land of easy living and cool, artistic folk. It's easy to see that they've reflected that in their haircare. VERB is a professional brand, created by stylists and for stylists, that has branched out to serve a customer base of fun loving, free individuals who just happen to want gorgeous hair. With an impressive product range that includes shampoos, conditioners, styling products and more, one of the best parts about VERB is that they are affordable. The brand's founders dreamt of making professional quality haircare products available to their clients, no matter their budget - it's clear that they have done this to great success! VERB are also proudly a 'no nasties' kind of brand. None of their products contain sulphates, parabens or gluten, and every item in their range is cruelty-free.

Verb Ghost Oil 60ml


$10.00 Was $24.00