acne scar treatment
IPL acne treatment uses a wavelength of light that kills bacteria deep in the follicle, to immediately see a reduction in inflammation, redness, acne cysts and papules and minimized post-acne scarring. 
IPL acne treatment


Does IPL Hurt?

No skin desensitization is required, you may feel slight discomfort with each application. This will reduce as the area being treated responds to the therapy


    Are there any side effects of laser acne treatment?

    Some warming and redness can occur in the area being treated, this will dissipate with the post-laser treatment products applied to the skin


      What about down time after the treatment?

      Generally you can return to normal activities straight after though spas, saunas and excessive exercise should be avoided for 24 hours. We strongly advise treated areas be covered in spf50


      Number of acne treatments

      They can be performed as frequently as weekly or fortnightly however consistent treatments are advised for results

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