Specialised Skin Course

Did you know that the skin on your face will replenish on average  every 28 days. By regularly supporting this cycle you'll be assisting your skin with new cellular production, support of skins hydration. Without regular treatments, the products you use at home are not absorbed as well into the skin, which means you won’t achieve optimal results.

We offer a three month and 12 month treatment course

Our Intense Skin Course gives your skin the chance to experience many advanced skincare treatments & products available. Your Skin Therapist will schedule a customised plan based on your individual skin needs incorporating the listed treatments below;

Your treatment series will include; 
+ Custom Hydropeptide Facial 
+ BioHydroderm Facial 
+ Clinical Peel Treatment +
Derma Pen Needling(Full Face & Neck)

$699 / 3 month series
Series of 4 treatments SAVING $249

$2,275.20 / 12 month series
Series of 16 treatments SAVING $1516.80