Our spray tanning experts perform thousands of spray tans per year,  maintaining our position as South Australia's best spray tanning salon. We use the very best spray tan formulas available from Azure Tan, offering variants of shade and colour so that you will get the desired result each and every time. All products are natural, pregnancy-safe, vegan friendly, hypoallergenic, skin care and Australian made.

Our tanning experts will colour match your skin tone and desired outcome to deliver a perfect flawless natural looking spray tan, so please arrive a few minutes early if you would like a colour consultation.

Spray Tan Preparation
Please shower and exfoliate your skin thoroughly prior to arrival.

Please do not use any oil-based body wash products as this will inhibit the tan from being able to soak into your skin to its full potential.

Make sure when exfoliating pay attention to rough, dry skin areas such as knees, elbows, ankles and tops of feet.

Waxing and shaving must to be done at least 24 hours prior as the wax can also leave a waxy residue on the skin which is not ideal for the spray tan solution to soak into the skin.

Your skin must be completely free of any moisturiser, deodorant, makeup or perfumes

After your tan
Once you have been tanned, you may feel a little sticky until you shower the product off your skin. Wear loosely fitted clothing and ideally no bra especially when the weather is hot, as you do not want to sweat as a result of tight-fitting clothing.

Excess bronzer will wash out of most fabrics, so don’t worry if you get a little surface bronzer on your clothing.

Avoid wetting your skin or avoid activities that will cause perspiration between the tanning and showering phase. Be careful when washing your hands and try to avoid water on your palms.

After each shower, always pat your skin dry rather than rubbing your skin too hard.

We strongly advise using one of our tan-safe moisturisers on a daily basis to keep your skin healthy and your tan glowing for as long as possible. We also have tan extender products and gradual tanners that can be applied throughout the course of the tan to help extend its duration to ensure a better lasting tan.

The use of hot baths, chlorinated pools, bodies of saltwater and spas will reduce the life of your tan


Express Spray Tan

$35 / 2-4 hour express development


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