HANZ DE FUKO Gel Triq 118ml


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Hanz de Fuko Gel Triq
The best hair product that will hold any hairstyle is here - Hanz de Fuko Gel Triq is the product to use. If you’re looking for a great hair gel that will keep up with your activities from dawn to dusk, then there is no other product better suited for the job.

Hanz de Fuko Gel Triq is perfect for those dramatic and high fashion hairstyles. It has an extreme hold that will definitely keep every strand in place as you whip hair into a masterpiece. It also boasts of high shine that will showcase your hair creations, whatever they may be. But don’t fret, just because it boasts of extreme hold does not mean it contains any harmful ingredients. Just like with the other products in the Hanz de Fuko range, Hanz de Fuko Gel Triq is formulated with natural and organic ingredients that will not damage your hair.

Use Hanz de Fuko Gel Triq to keep up with your creative hairstyle ideas while still nourishing and protecting your hair.

A little amount goes a long way
If you’ve ever seen a runway fashion show, then you may have probably noticed how the guys’ hairstyles are almost always so perfectly coifed and shiny. If you are going after that same look or you want to experiment with something like that, then Hanz de Fuko Gel Triq is the perfect hairstyle product companion for you. It would certainly be a disappointment if the hair product you’re using can’t keep up with your ideas.

Hanz de Fuko Gel Triq will certainly do the job. With only just a small amount, it can give you the extreme hold you’re looking for. Best of all, its high shine finish will leave hair with that slick, wet look that will always turn heads anywhere you go. Just squeeze a small amount into the palm of your hand and distribute evenly. The manufacturers also suggest blowing on the hair gel after rubbing between the palms of your hands to activate the sugars in the gel. This will result to quicker drying and less shine once applied.

Hanz de Fuko Gel Triq for all hairstyles
In my experience, what sucks most about hair gels is that they never really deliver the kind of hold they promise. And sometimes, it takes a while for the product to dry once applied. The result is that you are left with wet- looking limp hair. If I had wanted that look, I would’ve just hopped in the shower and not dry my hair before walking out the door.

With Hanz de Fuko Gel Triq, it boasts of a high-shine and maximum hold that is true to its promise every time you use it. Best of all, it dries quickly so you’re sure that the hairstyle you want is held into place immediately. It’s best used for whipping short hair into masterpiece hairstyles. If used on longer hair, it increases manageability. Best of all, unlike other hair gels, Hanz de Fuko Gel Triq will not leave your hair with flakes.

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