SILVER BULLET Rotating Pod With Rollers Clips

Silver Bullet

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The Silver Bullet Rotating Pod Hot Roller Heater is the ultimate in fast, glamorous hair. An advanced, innovative hot roller heater!  The secret is in the rotation. There’s a roller size to suit every style, whether it be old Hollywood curls or beachy waves.
Simply place a roller in the carousel, choose the temperature range to best suit your hair type and press the go button to begin heating the first roller. Once heated, the roller will automatically rotate around the carousel and is ready for use in mere moments. Rollers are heated individually ensuring speed and ease.


  • The rotating tray holds 5 rollers, so when you’re ready for your next roller simply press go again and be amazed at the speed!
  • Rollers are lightweight and cool to the touch (meaning they heat up once in your hair), so no more burnt fingers
  • 3 heat settings:  90°C (fine hair), 110°C (medium texture), 130°C (coarse hair)
  • Beautifully presented with a protective carry bag to store the rotating pod, rollers and clips when not in use.

How To Use:

  1. Turn the standby switch ON. There will be 2 short beeping sounds to indicate the induction is turned on.
  2. Place 6 rollers in the heating carousel.
  3. Press the temperature button to choose the suitable heat setting for desired curl.
  4. Press the GO button to begin heating the first roller. There will be a beeping sound to indicate the heating is complete.
  5. The roller will automatically leave the heating “arch” and be replaced by the next roller as the carousel rotates.
  6. Press the GO button again to heat the next roller. Repeat for each roller until finished.

Recommend Tips:

  • Make sure hair is completely dry before adding rollers
  • Mist hairspray over your locks once the rollers are in place for extra hold and lift.
  •     Make sure rollers are completely cool before removing them.

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