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Top 5: Your best skin, head to toe


  1. Wear SPF 30+ daily (rain, hail or shine) to protect your skin.

UV Rays are invisible, and even during winter they can impact your skin. Sunscreens should be worn every day, regardless of the season. A good block will protect the skin from harmful rays that cause premature ageing whatever the weather.

  1. Have a monthly in-clinic corrective skin treatment.

Pick a treatment that includes an Enzyme, Acid or Retinol peel to support skin exfoliation, and boost your weekly ritual with a hydrating mask.

  1. If you're in air conditioning, use a hydrating mist to top up hydration while you're on the go.

If you work in an office (like a lot of us do) we can't recommend this enough. Keep on your desk and in your handbag to mist during the day — it's also the most amazing calming mood-boost!

  1. Add a body cream or butter to your daily routine.

We recommend using a hydrating body product every morning and evening after showering, like our best selling Hempz Original which is also a staff favourite.

  1. Take EFA's daily to promote hydration from within.

Step up your EFA (fish oil) intake to nourish and hydrate from the inside out, reduce inflammation, keep skin elastic and smooth.


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