Radio Frequency treatment is ideal for anyone who would like to improve mild- moderate skin sagging concerns and can be used on areas of the face and body where skin has lost it's elasticity. The treatment is completely painless, non surgical and non-invasive so you can get on with your day as usual after the session with no down time.

How It Works?
Low level radio waves pass through the upper layers of skin to the dermis. The radio waves create a heating affect which causes local contraction of the collagen fibres, which immediately tightens the skin to reveal a lifted, tighter more youthful appearance. The treatment also improves blood and lymphatic flow which induces oxygen supply and removal of toxins to further reduce the signs of ageing.
How Many Treatments Are Needed and How Often?
It is recommended that treatments be spaced out weekly for a course of 6-10 treatments on the face and 8-12 treatments on the body. Maintenance sessions as required are recommended there after. Results can continue to improve for anywhere between 30-180 days post treatment.
Side Effects?
As stated before there is no downtime with this treatment. It is normal for some people to get a mild redness and swelling that usually disappears quickly after treatment.
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