Lets talk about (Vitamin A) Retinol:

Vitamin A is a powerful ingredient that we naturally produce, but as we get older it starts to deteriorate and we start to produce less and less of it.


It is an amazing anti-aging ingredient as It helps to normalise your skins functions to help it function more effectively. It helps to refine lines and wrinkles, speeds cell turnover, even out discolouration and pigmentation also helping to unclog pores making them look smaller and reducing acne.  Retinol helps to boost collagen production and stimulate production of new cells. Vitamin A should always be used at night time in combination with a good home care routine.


There are many strengths of retinol’s and many delivery systems found in different product ranges on the market.  Throughout my career in working with skin I have seen big results when using cosmeceutical grade ingredients. The difference between using a retinol from a cosmetic range and cosmeceutical range can give different results. The molecules of the retinol that you are using will work far more effectively when using a cosmeceutical to a cosmetic as they will be smaller so that when it enters into the skin they seep through all the cells to get in deeper and that’s when you will start to see results. Everyone should be on a Vitamin A, whether they want it for anti-aging, acne, pigmentation or slowing down the aging process.


Some Con’s to retinol is that some skins like rosacea, eczema and super sensitive skins may not be able to tolerate such a powerful ingredient but in saying that, some more than others may still be able to have it but minimising the times you use it to once a week. Retinol can also make you more sun sensitive so we always recommend using a high quality SPF.

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