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A guide to concealing all sins

Makeup really is the perfect art of deception and the skills displayed daily by women leave you wondering what kind of wizardry she has that you don’t. The secret isn’t a magical power but knowledge is. Use our concealer guide to empower you and lift your concealing game to a whole new level.

Concealers come in all number of textures and colours and you may have found yourself wondering what the hell the green concealer is for so let’s break it down so that you know which concealer best suits your skin type.

Liquid Concealer – Liquids generally offer light – medium coverage and work well on normal – oily or combination skin types. Inika do an amazing liquid concealer that is also vegan friendly.

Concealer pens- These are so convenient and easy to use on all skin types. Simply use the applicator brush to apply to the skin and then warm the product into the skin by dabbing with the pad of your finger or with a small concealer brush to push in and blend, for active breakouts avoid using the brush directly on the skin as it could spread the acne bacteria around, instead apply to the finger first. Concealer pens are great as an undereye concealer as they can help brighten under the eye. Jane Iredale’s Active Light is a great example of the perfect concealer pen.

Concealer Pencil – A concealer pencil tends to be a little dry or matte which can be a great solution for someone with an oily skin who only has slight blemishes to conceal. The added bonus of a concealer pencil is they look amazing when used in the waterline on the eyes and really freshen your eye makeup look. Makeup Studio so a great pencil that works well as a multitasker.

Cream concealers are a go to for normal to drier skin types. This type of concealer offers medium – full coverage which works well concealing pimples and blemishes. A Stick concealer will also offer similar results.


All the colours of the rainbow and how to use them.

Green concealer is best used to cover any redness on all skin tones

Lavender concealer is best used to eliminate yellow tones in cooler skin tones

Yellow or banana concealer work well on warm tones to eliminate darkness and minor redness and give the skin a general pick me up. Also useful at concealing minor bruising or minor pigmentation.

Pink Neutralises any blue tones on a cooler skin

Peach concealer is used to neutralize blue on dark skin types but may also work on a lighter skin type so long as the skin is a warm tone.

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