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Prince Harry and that beard!

How good was Prince Harry’s beard at his royal wedding to Meghan Markle! His beard helps make the former bachelor look less like the old "Cheeky" Harry and more like handsome husband material.

While a great beard may come naturally to some men more than other’s, there are steps that every man can take to ensure their beard is maintained and growing as strongly as it can.

The first step to a great beard is keeping it clean. While washing your beard with water is a totally acceptable way of washing it, using a beard wash will clean your beard more thoroughly but will also keep it softer. Always avoid using regular hair shampoo in your beard as male facial hair is androgenic and needs to be treated differently to the hair you grow on your head. 


Next , avoid itchiness with your beard by using a great beard oil. Dead skin build up can cause your beard to itch as can dry, brittle beard hairs. A beard oil or beard balm will help keep the skin softer and the ends of hair well nourished.

For a shorter beard like Harry’s maintain the length using a beard trimmer every week to fortnight depending on how quickly your stubble grows.

The final step is combing your beard everyday to tame the hairs and encourage new growth in the right direction. Avoid plastic combs where possible and use a natural material like wood or boar hairs.

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