Q&A with Thalgo: Your Winter Skin questions answered


What active ingredients should you be looking for to nourish winter skin?

We should look for ingredients rich in Omega 3 fatty acids such as hemp seed and borage oil. Thalgo’s lipid boosting range includes a complex of Omega 3 rich algae. The range boasts a choice of two ultra-rich creams that help protect and nourish dry skin. Omega 3 essential fatty acids are called essential because they must be included in our diet (think oily fish like salmon 2 -3 times a week and flax seed oil every day). These fatty acids are strong antioxidants and help build beautiful, healthy skin.


How does looking after your skin in winter differentiate from your summer regime?

Surprisingly Winter time can be more about protecting the skin than in the Summer time. Heating (including very hot baths and showers) and extreme conditions contribute to a decreased barrier function where a lack of cellular cohesion may result in uncomfortable skin, dryness and sensitivity. It is important to boost the skins protective function with lubricating skin care rich in soothing properties.


If you have to make do with just one product, what should it be (moisturizer, serum…)

Definitely a moisturiser in Winter time. A protective barrier and additional nourishment is important to bolster the skins resistance.


What ingredients or products to have much of an effect in winter?

Include a rich creamy mask in winter like Thalgo melt away mask to cocoon and protect vulnerable skin. Rich in Omega 3 and Omega 6 essential fatty acids along with a host of nourishing botanical butters, oils and waxes this product strengthens and deeply moisturises the skin.

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