Organic or Natural?

Our clients ask us everyday which is better for their skin, organic or natural skincare and which will provide better results? Let's once and for all explain the difference between the two - firstly a skincare range cannot label themselves as being "certified" organic unless the following criteria have been met and certified by the ACO and COSMOS:

  • The product must contain a minimum of 95% certified organic ingredients, excluding water, salts, and minerals
  • At least 20% of the total ingredients (including water, salts, and minerals) must be organic except for mineral or wash-off products, which need to have only 10%
  • Animal products such as beeswax and honey can be used, but not parts of animals or products that cause harm to the animal
  • The product must contain no nanomaterials or GMOs

"Natural" skincare lines are brands that have simply not met the above criteria, it also means that they have the addition and benefit of having had laboratory tweaks to their formulas, which suggests a quicker and perhaps better result than relying solely on what mother nature can provide.

Let me stress that neither is poorer in quality and neither are "bad" for the skin, however there are certain advantages that come with using skincare that has been tweaked.

The other criteria i feel is equally as important are skincare products that have not been tested on animals. At Celcius Skin Clinic we take great care in selecting only the most advanced skin care brands that deliver corrective quick results for our clients. All of our product lines are animal cruelty-free and we cater for both the organically and naturally inclined skincare users. 

xx Love your skin!


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