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Are you dreaming of IPL?

by Jodie Hansen 19 Mar 2016

It’s no secret that IPL has changed the hair removal industry. Long-term hair removal used to be something we only dreamt of, and now it’s a reality. But it’s also no secret that the cost has made it once again, something we only dreamed of.

Well, dream no more, thanks to Celcius Skin Centre you can have that IPL you’ve always wanted for a fraction of the cost!

IPL is painless and effective for long term hair removal, and especially great for embarrassing facial hair, (no more relying on friends to let you know about that hair blowing in the wind from under your chin). Just 6 – 8 sessions four weeks apart are all you need.

Imagine how great you’ll feel when spring starts later this year and you won’t have to worry about unwanted body hair?? Or maybe you’ve had IPL in the past and you just need a top up session, either way with the following great deals on offer at Celcius it’s the perfect time to have IPL.

Book online, or call the experts at Celcius on 82741114 to take advantage of this great offer. It’s on for a limited time so why not start this week??

All you’ve got to lose is the hair.


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