Our top five Mother's Day gift ideas – Celcius

Our top five Mother's Day gift ideas

Mothers day is around the corner, so if you still haven’t done anything for your mum (or yourself even!), here’s some fabulous suggestions. Let the countdown begin:

5. ASAP Mineral Eye Colour

No matter how young or old your mum is, there’s a colour to suit in these gorgeous eye shadows. They also contain Hyaluronic Acid Microspheres to plum skin and smooth out fine lines! (Why not grab one for yourself too...)

4. Decleor Relaxing Shower and Bath Gel

We’ve all been guilty of causing stress to our dear mums at some point in our lives…. So help her relax with this awesome shower gel.

3. La-Tweez Illuminating Tweezers

OK, not every mum is older… and many don’t suffer stray eyebrows or other hairs of embarrassment… But for those who do, often the problem is that they just can’t see the hair. These amazing little tweezers have an ultra bright LED light to spot even the lightest of stray hairs AND they come with a built in magnifying mirror!

2. Argan Oil Cell Booster Night Care

Many of us grew up with our mums lathering ‘night cream’ on their faces, so why not give them one that actually works? Argan Oil Cell Booster will detoxify the skin and nourish the cells.

1. Time Out

Give her the ultimate day at Celcius with three hours of pampering, skin care and makeup. Come with her and make a day of it, giggle over bubbles and celebrate all things girlie with your mum.



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