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Autumn is here, don’t forget your skin

Sad as it is, Summer is over. Chances are you’re wearing more layers and exposing your skin less now. But that doesn’t mean you can forget your daily skin care routine. In fact, in many cases you need to be more diligent.

Even on cloudy overcast days UV rays are still beaming down on us. And with them come the threat of damage to the elastin in your skin. Keep up with SPF protection all year round to keep your skin looking gorgeous. It’s easy with so many great products now that contain SPF, like Jane Iredale Mineral BB Cream. Or you can even add SPF into your regular moisturiser with Dermalogica Solar Defense Booster. Remember to apply SPF to your hands too; nobody likes granny hands on a 30-year old.

A full body exfoliation will get rid of any old skin cells still clinging on to life after summer. They’ve had their day so bid them farewell with a Mineral Salt Scrub from the Celcius Skin Centre. Removing the old cells will prep your body for the extra moisture you’ll need for the cold weather ahead.

Moisturise and moisturise again. With exposure to wind and cooler weather your skin can become dehydrated very quickly, even the parts not exposed. So unless you want to resemble a sultana, don’t scrimp on the moisture. We love ASAP Advanced Hydrating Moisturiser for your face, and Hempz Pure Herbal Moisturiser for your body will keep your skin smooth and supple.

So don’t fear the cooler weather, let Celcius help you keep up your skin care regime and you will stay gorgeous all year round.

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