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Places to hide makeup... at HIS house

OK, while it’s not politically correct to want to correct your makeup at your loved ones house, for many it’s just about keeping the mystery alive. Letting them think we are perfect 24 hours a day.

It’s true they will love us regardless, as they should. But what if you are looking to be able to do a quick touch up of the eyebrows on your visit to the bathroom and they just won’t relinquish a drawer in the vanity for you? There are some handy places to hide the odd kohl pencil or even a small makeup kit.

If you are the only person who ever replaces the empty toilet roll, the cupboard where the spares are kept is the perfect hidey hole for the spare makeup.

We shouldn’t suggest all men are not avid cleaners, but it is an often skipped chore. So behind the AJAX is often a great place to stash eyeliner.

If yours is particularly diligent in all areas of the home, perhaps the ‘Trojan Horse’ approach is the best. Gift your loved one a cute little decorative succulent plant for his bathroom. (Plastic of course as it will last through the steam of the shower). There is loads of space in the pot beneath the foliage to hide everything from lipstick to a full eye shadow palette!

Let’s face it. True love will always win over makeup. But if you want to keep the illusion just a bit longer, what’s the harm? And if he finds your secret cache of beauty products, he may just give you a drawer of your own in the bathroom after all…..

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