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The perfect bikini body needs the perfect tan

Unless you have been living under a rock for the past year, then it’s no doubt you have heard of the Ashly Bines Bikini Challenge. Well, turns out promoting a healthy lifestyle isn’t the only thing Miss Bines is known for.

Yep, that’s right ladies; she also has a hot line of tanning products. So, once you finish her Bikini Body Challenge, you can grab an Ashly Bines Tan to accentuate that new slimmer bod of yours.

At Celcius, we are all massive fans of the Ashly Bines Gradual Tan and Tone Moisturising Lotion. This gradual self-tanner combines exclusive skin firming ingredients to reduce fine lines and tone skin, while its added moisturisers help to promote smoother, healthier looking skin and give it a natural glow.

Best of all, it’s currently available at Celcius for just $27.95 and can be purchased right here via our online store -

For more information on Ashly Bines, head to:
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