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Dry shampoo…okay, algae-ive-it-a-go 'n' sea

Need to wash your hair but don’t have the time. Staying at a friends’ place but have a phobia of using other people’s showers? Perhaps you’re about to go camping out bush where there are no showers? Once upon a time it was a case of suck it up princess. You simply had to deal with your cruddy, greasy hair if you weren’t able to wash it.

Times are a changin’ my fashionistas and beauty goddesses, and with this change we are seeing a new era in hair care evolve in front of our very eyes. One whereby nowadays washing your hair no longer requires that once-upon-a-time fundamental ingredient called water!

Something which has been made possible thanks to the likes of dry shampoos like Joico’s.

Joico’s Dry Shampoo uses seawater to create thick, tousled texture and body to hair. Furthermore, its Algae Extract adds and retains the moisture. What’s more it also provides a light to medium hold with a matte finish.

Much like long-life milk and a box of Bandaids, Joico’s Dry Shampoo is a good one to have around the place for “just in case”. You never know when you might get caught out. And at just $19.46 a bottle it’s an absolute bargain - http://www.celcius.com.au/products/joico-instant-refresh-dry-shampoo

For more info on the Joico brand of hair care products, click here: http://www.joico.com.au/

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