Want a flawless tan?

Ah duh! Is that a trick question? Of course you do! Who doesn’t? Well, stop what you’re doing cos you won’t believe what you’re about to read… finally there’s a solution that helps keep all those tanning errors on the straight and narrow.  It’s called TanGO!

Yep, say goodbye orange hands and feet. Say farewell streaky tan!

Thanks to TanGO, the world’s first spray- and self-tan removal cloth is here. Now you can remove your tan safely by just adding water. That’s right, no harsh chemicals.

To find out exactly how this miracle glove works, see http://www.tangocloth.com/

Just $19.95, the TanGO glove is the perfect addition to any beauty collection. Grab yours today, click here: http://www.celcius.com.au/collections/tango/products/tango-glove-worlds-first-spray-self-tan-remover

Celcius Beauty

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