Zinc about it

With summer less than two weeks away, now is the perfect time to make sure you're stocked up on all of your summer essentials - including sunscreen!

One of our favs here at Celcius is Invisible Zinc. Why? The best thing about Invisible Zinc is the fact that there’s only one active ingredient, naturally sourced Zinc Oxide - a mineral reflector that creates a physical, reflective barrier on the surface of your skin. It works like magic! 

Now, when you think of zinc cream, you probably have visions of the good old days where you could literally paint your face in neon colours. Well, times have changed. Invisible Zinc is exactly that - invisible! Upon applying to your skin it becomes clear so you don't even know it's on. 

That also means that it's suitable for sensitive skin because it doesn't contain any chemical sun filters. So if you are looking for a sunscreen that will be your best mate all summer long, look no further. Best of all Invisible Zinc is made here in Australia and comes in a wide range of broad spectrum products that will keep your delicate skin out of harm's way from the harsh Aussie sun. 

Click here to check out the range. 

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