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Want lashes that rock?

by Jodie Hansen 14 May 2015

No big night out is complete without faux eyelashes. And if you're going to do them, you might as well do them well. Right?

One brand that prides itself on its quality lashes is MODELROCK. Like the name suggests, their lashes 'rock'. In fact, according to their Instagram page MODELROCK claims to be Australia's number one professional faux eyelashes supplier/manufacturer -  a few moments scrolling through the many stunning Instagram photos and it's not hard to see why. 

How far lashes or falsies (as they were called back in the day) have come over the years. Back when I got married, they looked kind of er, well, um... fake. I guess, no surprises there but that's why they were called falsies. Not anymore! Nowadays they should be called 'realies' - eek, that was lame. But you know what I mean. 

Lashes have developed in leaps and bounds. Today they look really natural and are far more comfortable to wear unlike those irritating lashes I was wearing the day I said "I do". Plus, these days you don't need a professional makeup artist to apply them, instead you can do it yourself - simply pop them on before you head out. It's just another must-have in your makeup bag. 

So, before your next night out, head to and grab yourself a pair of lashes that rock! For more information on the MODELROCK range or faux eyelashes (and related products) or to make a purchase, click here.






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