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On Trend: Mega Metallics

by Amelia Thorpe 01 May 2017

This season, the big thing for hair & makeup is metallic. Liquid lipsticks with a shimmery, metallic sheen in all shades from soft nudes to deep red, sparkling eye makeup with lots of glitter and shimmery metallic pigments paired with silver and gold highlight. The metallic trend extends into hair as well, with deep shades of silvery grey paired with soft lavender and chrome hues, and styling products that add glisten and shimmer to styled hair for those of us that love to be a bit 'extra'!

Knowing how to work this into your style is often the hardest part of staying on trend - so here's our tips for the best products to use, and how to use them!

Metallic Lips:

Model Rock Mega Modern Metals Mauvetallic

We are obsessed with metallic lips in the Celcius Style Bar this season, and we're so excited that ModelRock have just launched their collection of Mega Modern Metal liquid lipsticks!

To start with, prep your lips with the Jane Iredale Sugar Butter Lip Exfoliator to make sure they're looking super smooth and soft, for the best effect.

Next, apply a lip liner in either a nude or a similar shade to your chosen lip colour if it is a red/pink/plum shade.

The hardest part of applying your lipstick is choosing what shade to wear! Here's a few of our favourites:

Model Rock Mega Modern Metals Mauvetallic Model Rock Mega Modern Metals Tantrum

Model Rock Mega Modern Metals Tokyo Kaos Model Rock Mega Modern Metals Miss Chei Chei


For extra sparkle, pat some glitter on while the lipstick is still wet for an amazing, glittery effect!



Glitter is always a challenge, due to it's tendency to drop everywhere and wind up all over your face and clothes! To avoid this problem, there's a few things you can do. Shadow Shields are a great tool to use to catch any glitter fallout and stop it going everywhere. Do your eyes first - then you can use a makeup wipe to remove any excess glitter off your face and then apply foundation. Use a special glitter adhesive, like Makeup Studio's 2-way gel or seal it liquid, to lock the glitter in place so it doesn't move!

Here's some of our favourite glittery eye looks from around the internet for you to try:

Glitter eye makeup 

Hairstyling with Metallics:

Metallic hair products have featured highly in the fashion runway shows this season, and Redken have released a great product called Metal Fix 08 that gives a buildable metallic coating onto the hair - the perfect tool for anyone wanting to go that little bit extra for their Saturday night out!

Redken Metal Fix 08

Redken Metal Fix 08 Glitter Hairstyle

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