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Perfect Brows

Perfect Brows and Superstar Looks at home.

How often do you get to the weekend and wish that you had your own personal makeup artist who can fix your brows and create glamorous eyes – in an instant?

Guess what? It is actually possible to do it yourself!

Inspired and mentored by one of the world’s most renowned brow experts, brow Queen Carolyn Fox has now created ‘Garbo & Kelly’ (

A brand committed to empowering men and women with quick, effective, anti-ageing and youthful beauty techniques and tools to create movie star looks at home in minutes.

Garbo & Kellyy believe that that everyone deserves "beautiful products and tools to enhance our timeless beauty and give us the confidence to conquer all elements of our day.”

The range includes everything from brushes, to powders and even tinted gels! 

Carolyn was crowned one of Australia’s top brow experts by HARPER’S BAZAAR and was a finalist in the 2018 Pure Beauty Global Awards, so we know that her products are some of the best on the market.

You can even book in ( )one of our makeup artist for a personalised look. (redeemable on products)

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