• How To Treat Sun Damaged Skin

    How To Treat Sun Damaged Skin
    Don’t let summer be a bummer for your skin. If we don’t all know it by now let me just say we live in the harshest and hottest climate on earth and it doesn’t care too much about skin health so we need to! Sun damage can present itself on the skin in the following ways: Pigmentation – dark spots or patches of skin...
  • Chocolate versus Skin Health

    Chocolate versus Skin Health
    The great debate to eat or not to eat chocolate, what kind of chocolate should we eat and is it really that bad for our skin?....As a teenager growing up i suffered from acne and despite having access to great skin care and facial treatments, my mum would always chastise me for eating chocolate saying it would make my skin worse. Let me put...
  • Know your skin

    Know your skin
    Ladies, the basis of ANY great makeup starts with GREAT SKIN! I cannot stress enough how important looking after your skin is and how big a role it plays in how your makeup will look and feel. I remember many times working with clients who couldn’t understand why the most hydrating of foundations looked like sandpaper on their skin yet when asked about their...
  • Mother's Day

    Mother's Day
    With summer behind us and the days of 2019 seemingly flying by, we approach that special day in the year where we give thanks and honor those remarkable women in our lives - those who love us unconditionally, who work tirelessly for their families and always seem to know what to say or do to make everything better…. our Mums. Mothers day, Sunday May...
  • Would you let a Doctor into your Genes?

    Would you let a Doctor into your Genes?
    Taking the time to look after ones skin is essential in this day in age - stress, lifestyle, diet, environmental factors - they all play a part in how our skin looks and feels. With change of climate our skin can become more dry or more oily, if we are indulging in too much vino and not enough H20 we can become dehydrated, and...
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