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Say NO to sun damage

Summer is here and unless you want your skin and hair to resemble a sultana and a hay bale, you need to protect them from harmful UV rays.

So here are our fave UV protection products:

Dermalogica Solar Defense Booster SPF50

Why is this so great? You simply add it to your favourite moisturizer or foundation and apply for UV protection against the sun and wrinkles! Yep, no need to switch products in summer and it has vitamins to enrich your skin too.

Invisible Zinc Face & Body Sunscreen SPF 30

This award winning sunscreen is not the zinc of old… it’s light and spreads easily. It’s also good on sensitive skin making it a great all round sunscreen.

Invisible Zinc 4 Hr Water Resistant Sun Sunscreen SPF30

If you’re in and out of the pool or beach you need water resistant block. We love this one as it lasts up to 4 hours, so you can concentrate on having fun for longer.

Joico K-Pak Sun Therapy Protective Sun Milk

You want to keep your hair healthy too and once again Joico have come to the rescue. Spray this lightweight leave in UV Protectant on your hair before exposure to the sun, and it shields against colour fade and keep your hair moisturized.

It’s easy to keep your skin and hair looking fabulous in the sun, for more fantastic products check out the great range online

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