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  • Our 5 Best serums for every skin type

    Our 5 Best serums for every skin type
    If you're looking to supercharge your skincare routine, check out our top serum picks to help you get the skin of your dreams!
  • How To Treat Sun Damaged Skin

    How To Treat Sun Damaged Skin
    Don’t let summer be a bummer for your skin. If we don’t all know it by now let me just say we live in the harshest and hottest climate on earth and it doesn’t care too much about skin health so we need to! Sun damage can present itself on the skin in the following ways: Pigmentation – dark spots or patches of skin...
  • Dermapen is here! What is it and should you try it?

    Dermapen is here! What is it and should you try it?
    Dermapen™ has arrived at Celcius and we couldn't be more excited! Many of our clients have been asking us what it is and what it is used for, so here is a breakdown of Dermapen™ and the skin concerns and conditions it can be used to treat.  To celebrate the arrival of Dermapen™ we have a great introductory offer - contact us to find...
  • What is Dermalogica Face Mapping, and why you need it

    Have you ever heard of ‘Dermalogica Face Mapping’ and wondered if you actually need it? The short answer is yes, and here’s why. Dermalogica developed Face Mapping as a unique and effective way of analysing your skin. It takes the guess work out of product selection for your face. By dividing your face into fourteen zones, each area is carefully examined for any problems...
  • Say NO to sun damage

    Summer is here and unless you want your skin and hair to resemble a sultana and a hay bale, you need to protect them from harmful UV rays. So here are our fave UV protection products: Dermalogica Solar Defense Booster SPF50 Why is this so great? You simply add it to your favourite moisturizer or foundation and apply for UV protection against the sun...
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