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  • Why Cellulite Reduction Should be on Your 'Most Wanted' List

    Cellulite Reduction has hit Adelaide, and quickly become a favourite addition to the usual beauty routine. So why should it be on your 'most wanted' list this summer? Well, for a start, it’s simple and effective, and chances are your friends are already taking full advantage of this amazing therapy, even if in secret. Cellulite Reduction, also referred to as Fat Cavitation or Ultrasound Cavitation,...
  • Get Your Party Body Ready

    The silly season is nearly upon us, and with it comes fun times, new outfits and summer party dresses. But most of us have parts of our bodies we’d like to hide under winter clothing forever. So here are some solutions to three of the most complained about issues…. 1. Cellulite Reduction No need to hide your arms or thighs any longer, Cellulite reduction...
  • Say goodbye to cellulite

    The big 'c' word. Cellulite is such a dirty word. Us women rarely divulge into conversation about this topic. Can't tell you why, I just know we don't sit around sipping lattes asking each other; "Do you have cellulite?"... "How much cellulite do you have?"... "When did you first get cellulite?"... it's just not done!  One thing I can bet my bottom dollar on...
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