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The Mum-Minute-Makeover

Being in my thirties I have many friends who have become wives and mothers and no longer have the time to spend in front of the mirror in the morning. Babies crying, children to get ready for school, gone are the days where it’s all about you and instead its all about them. Now, children or not, no one wants to spend an hour in front of the mirror in the morning, and even though I’m childless there have been many mornings where I’ve hit the snooze button too many times and left myself no time at all to get ready to face the day ahead.

So if you only had 10 minutes in the morning to make yourself feel and look beautiful what would you do? Well I’m here to tell you my 5 key makeup tips that are going to help you look and most importantly, feel amazing. These are my top 5, but if there was only 10 minutes, I would pick the 3 that are going to make the biggest difference to you!

#1 CONCEALER Best way to look more awake is to take away any darkness and brighten under the eye. I believe this is a step that really benefits most of us! For something quick and easy using a liquid type concealer that comes with an applicator is best. Its sheer, not hard to blend and you can reapply on the go as needed!

#2 BROWS Speaking for myself, I can’t leave the house without my brows on point! For you lucky ladies out there with lovely, naturally full brows you can skip this step but for those of us with thin brows, I feel that some shape and definition frames the face. If you just want to fill in where the hairs are sparse I prefer to use a brow shadow (important to match colour correctly) otherwise a brow pencil combined with a powder if you are adding shape where you have no hair.

#3 BLUSH A bit of blush to the cheeks goes a long way and I feel like this is one step that people tend to overlook. Cream blushes are great as you can apply quickly with your fingers, just smile and dab on the apples of the cheeks with your ring finger and blend downwards and back towards the hairline. Choose a colour thats similar to the natural flush of your cheeks and it can even double up as lip colour/stain by dabbing on with your finger too!

#4 MASCARA For some of us mascara and an eyelash curler are an absolute ESSENTIAL! A quick pump of the curler and a coat for your lashes can be a must have for some of us to look awake and to have visible lashes. Make sure you do this step before leaving the house as you don’t want any mascara/car accidents especially with the curler involved! Remember to always curl before mascara to prevent breakage.

#5 LIPGLOSS Now if you have used some of your cream blush to give some colour to the lips then you are ahead of the game already but sometimes a quick slick of gloss can not only highlight the lips but also give us some hydration too. Gloss with an applicator makes for easy application on the go, and I prefer either a nude colour for everyday, or being that its summer a nice pink or coral shade to brighten up the face! Come visit us at Celcius to replenish your daily makeup must haves.

Author: Stacey Caruso

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