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The recipe to a brighter, clearer and smoother complexion!

My grandmother always told me as a young girl that a woman who ages gracefully is incredibly attractive………so I choose to gracefully pay a visit to my skin therapist at Celcius Skin Clinic once a fortnight to ensure I maintain my skin health. Don’t get me wrong there are many things that I have learned along the way, from the sage advice my IPL (Instant Pulse Light) technician gives me to watching my mum apply a smooshed avocado and oatmeal mask to her skin once a week. There is one piece of advice I will impart on you, we only get one skin and it doesn’t come with insurance so we best do everything we can to ensure optimum skin health.

 Skin health is affected and determined by many internal and external factors, diet (no surprise there), lifestyle (ok I could exercise more often!) water levels (I’m Italian…we’re supposed to drink lots of espresso) and skincare regimen, which thanks to the extremely knowledgeable and professional staff at Celcius I now have a handle on and honestly, my skin has NEVER LOOKED BETTER.

 I am going to give you my best and easiest steps anyone can follow to achieving their best skin, think of it like a recipe, each contributing factor is required in a certain amount to achieve the desired result. Just for your information I am sipping my cup of herbal hibiscus tea – which fun fact, hibiscus is a very powerful antioxidant and has bacteria fighting properties (great for acne sufferers and ageing or barrier impaired skins!)

 Internal care is just as vital in maintaining your skin health as external care is. Below are my easiest and best skin health tips!

  1. Replace that cup of coffee in the mornings for a hot/warm cup of water with fresh squeezed lemon juice and a touch of honey – this will detox and hydrate your skin and body, great for dull or congested skins and tastes great! Coffee is extremely dehydrating and as a rule for every cup of coffee you need to drink two extra glasses of water to replace the lost moisture!
  2. Find ways of creatively increasing or introducing easy fruit and veg additions to your daily dietary intake. I find smoothies and fresh juices too time consuming during the week, so instead I pre-cut zip lock baggies of fruit and veg and stick them in the fridge. Instead of going straight for a sugar hit at 3:30, grab a fruit or your favorite vitamin packed veggie. Your skin will love you for it!
  3. I’m going to say it…h20! The more hydrated, the better the skin functions and the healthier it will look and feel. Skin cells need water as a medium through to communicate – basically the more dehydrated the quicker and more severe the ageing symptoms. You can never drink enough of it. If you’re like me and constantly on the go keep a bottle of water in your bag or car that way you can easily drink on the go, and why not chuck a little fresh lemon juice for a tasty and refreshing hydro hit!
  4. Skincare routines….my precious 5min to my self each day in the morning and evening that allows me to feel good about my skin. Everyone should be cleansing, using a facial hydrating spray and a hydrating spf30 or 50 moisturiser. In the evenings exfoliate in the shower to make it more time efficient and boost your cellular turnover!
  5. Last but not least pay your skin therapist at Celcius a visit each month! If you don’t come here or don’t have a regular skin therapist then call them and start your journey to your best skin now. They have access to amazing professional strength products and modalities that will get you the amazing skin you want.

 I challenge you to getting your best skin yet with the girls from Celcius Skin Clinic, have a great day everyone and love your skin xx



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