There’s no Excuse for Streaking

We all know streaking is illegal, but surely self tan streaking should be too?? There’s just no excuse for it. But what do you do if you’ve done it by accident at home, or worse still you’ve paid for a spray tan and it’s gone horribly wrong??

There is a solution, and an easy one you can keep at home, just in case – tanGO.

No need to worry as there’s no harsh chemical with tanGO, just a clever little polyamide fabric tanGO Cloth or tanGO Glove which is super easy to use. As the good folk from tanGO say “wet me, squeeze me, rub me”. You’ll easily remove any tanning errors without harsh scrubbing, and it’s re-usable too. (So no one can say you’re not doing your bit for the environment).

And... to make things easier for next time, they even make an exfoliating tanGO Mitt (to get your skin primed for the tan) and a tan application mitt – tanON. Both will help your next tan go more smoothly and less streaky.

Of course if you’re totally traumatized by the whole idea of home tan application, the experts at Celcius are happy to give you a perfect streak free tan, every time. Book online today.

Celcius Beauty

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