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Fantastic feathered eyebrows everyday

Have you ever wanted to wake up without having to wrangle your eyebrows into a shape that makes your eyes pop? Perhaps you suffer from barely there brows and spend your morning penciling and powdering them in only to have them wipe off at 10am when you scratch your forehead and accidentally scratch your brows too…

You should consider Feather Stroke Eyebrows, the long lasting answer to awesome brows every minute of every day. So what are they, and why do you need them?

They are natural-look tattooed eyebrows (don’t be scared), and if any of the above rang true the answer is yes, you do need them.

Unlike the heavy tattooed brows often seen in viral photos from Wal-Mart America, these are so natural looking no one will know. The eyebrow is filled in with light feather strokes, looking like individual hairs, so the effect is subtle but effective. And unlike the heavy texta effect of the full tattoo brow, these are great if you only need the ends filling in, or even areas that are missing perhaps from scarring or over plucking.

You can make them as subtle or dramatic as you choose, and Celcius Style Bar are offering them for a special price of $300 at the moment, normally $350 - and that includes a four week follow up appointment.

So it’s a great time to try it for yourself.  You’ll wonder why you didn’t do it sooner.



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