• HOW TO: Contour to your face shape

    HOW TO: Contour to your face shape
    Contouring to your face shape  Shaping your face using cream or powder makeup products or both!When it comes to contouring not every face shape is the same! we are all different!First you want to know what face shape you have: round, square, long, oval, heart, diamond or triangle. Have a look to see what you are: NOW its time to contour! when it comes...
  • Fantastic feathered eyebrows everyday

    Have you ever wanted to wake up without having to wrangle your eyebrows into a shape that makes your eyes pop? Perhaps you suffer from barely there brows and spend your morning penciling and powdering them in only to have them wipe off at 10am when you scratch your forehead and accidentally scratch your brows too… You should consider Feather Stroke Eyebrows, the long...
  • More of our Favourite Beauty Trends for 2016

    Move over 2015, (it’s so last year), it’s the Year of the Monkey so time to get playful with some of our fave eye trends for 2016. 1. Blue Eyeshadow Don’t be afraid. It’s not that first blob of makeup your well meaning mother smeared on your eyelids before your primary school disco. The blue eyeshadow of today is much more subtle. You can...
  • 4 Hair Products to try this Month

    Christmas and New Years are over; no doubt you’re now feeling a tad flat. Why not get yourself and your hair reinvigorated by trying some awesome hair products? 1. Fudge Make-a-Mends Shampoo and Conditioner Over styling, under conditioning and exposure to the sun, your poor hair needs a treat. So Make-a Mends with it, say sorry and get it back to the condition it should...
  • Make Valentine’s a Galentine’s Day

    You don’t need a significant other to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Celebrating this February 14th with your BFF is an awesome way to feel great. It also celebrates the great gal pals you have in your life and it’s even got its own name – Galentine’s Day! Imagine spending the day with your BFF, having top to toe treatments and stocking up on sweet little...
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