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HOW TO: Contour to your face shape

Contouring to your face shape 

Shaping your face using cream or powder makeup products or both!
When it comes to contouring not every face shape is the same! we are all different!
First you want to know what face shape you have: round, square, long, oval, heart, diamond or triangle.

Have a look to see what you are:
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NOW its time to contour!

when it comes to contouring the darker shade is where you want to lose focus and bring back and the lighter shade is for the features you want to bring forward, like your amazing cheek bones!!

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Cream contour:
After you have put on primer then foundation and concealer it's then time to add the contour, with the cream you can either blend it all in as you go or at the end.

Powder contour:
After you have put on primer then foundation, concealer then powder to set the face, it's then time to contour, with powder you need to blend it all in as you go.

With the contour the brown shade you want it to be 2 shades darker then your skin tone and the highlight shade to be 2 shades lighter then your skin tone, this will help with a better result. your blush shade should away match in with your eye shadow and lipstick choice so that no colours clash!

With the brown shade draw a line down from the corner of your ear to the corner of your month and that will be directly underneath your cheek bone, do that on both sides. when it comes to contouring your jaw line and forehead it's important to contour with the dark shade where you want to loose focus, you can even contour the sides of your nose to make the nose appear smaller.

Using a matte highlighter shade you can place where ever you didn't put the brown contour shade to bring everything else out.
Next you can also use a shimmery highlighter, this can be placed on the top of your cheek bones, under your eyebrow arch, on your cupids bow and lightly on the bridge of your nose.

SMILE, when you smile it brings out the apples of your cheeks and this is where you want to place the blush.



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