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Spray tanning

What to do to prepare for your tan:

The day before your tan:
* Exfoliate your skin (you can do this with an exfoliating lotion or an exfoliating mitt)
* Shave

Applying these steps the day before your tan will make the tan last longer and look better. Also doing it the day before is better than the day of, as it will give your skin time to heal before hand. As with shaving and exfoliating, you are removing layers of your skin.

The day of your tan:
* Arrive without deodorant or any moisturizer's on.
Moisturizer acts as a barrier and it is great to have on your hands and feet to stop the tan from grabbing too strong, but having moisturizer over your whole body will prevent the tan grab and will effect the final outcome of your tan. Spray tan applied to a person's underarms who failed to leave the deodorant off pre appointment, will result in an unwanted green discolouration.

Once you have had your tan:
* If you're having an express tan, leave your tan on for 2-4 hours, 2 hours will give you a light tan, 3 hours will give you a medium tan and 4 hours will give you a dark tan.

* 8 hour tans you can sleep on, wearing your 8 hour tan longer than 8 hours is not a problem as this tan does not continue to develop after 8 hours.

Time to wash off:
When its time to wash off your tan (bronzer), make sure the water is not too hot, also don't rub the tan or use any soaps, all you need is to let the water run onto you until the water runs clear. Once you're finished, pat dry, DON'T RUB with the towel. Lastly, moisturize your body straight away!

When you wash off your express tan, your colour will not be fully developed until 8 hours after washing it off.

Maintaining your tan:
Tans can last up to a week or even more depending how well you look after it
* You want to make sure you keep your skin hydrated with a moisturizer to make the tan last longer and stay looking its best; you should moisturize at least twice a day. When your skin dries, your skin will flake and when this happens after the application of a tan, the tan will also flake. This can result in a patchy appearance. But if you moisturize and keep your skin hydrated then this will not happen.

You can also use the tanning extender which is a moisturizer with tan in it. This was designed

to use daily, to prolong the life of your tan and to keep it even all over.

Enjoy your tan!

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