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Do you have a severe hatred for applying eyeliner? One minute it’s too thick and the next it’s too thin… ugh, it’s so annoying! There is a fine art to getting it right; it’s something that can take years of practice. Well never fear because Youngblood’s Mineral Gel Eyeliner will solve all your gluggy and smudgy eyeliner issues, which is why it is our Pick of the Week.

Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics have seriously answered a few prayers (and eliminated many drama queen moments) with this little beauty. Foolproof and precise, their Incredible Wear Gel Liner takes all the hard work out of applying liquid eyeliner. Each shade provides deep intense colour that won’t smudge, smear or run, thus creating perfectly defined eyes without any minor melt downs or tantrums.

(Yes, I have been known to throw the occasional liner at the mirror as a result of what can only be referred to as “eyeliner rage”.

Youngblood’s Incredible Wear Gel Liner is available in the following seven glamorous shades, all of which can be purchased here on the Celcius website - simply follow this link to the product page: http://www.celcius.com.au/products/youngbloog-mineral-gel-eyeliner-3g

  • Eclipse  (black)
  • Espresso  (dark brown)
  • Midnight Sea  (deep cobalt blue)
  • Black Orchid  (deep purple with an iridescent sheen)
  • Galaxy  (dark grey with silver shimmer)
  • Sienna (deep bronze shimmer with hints of gold)
  • Lagoon (teal with an iridescent sheen). 

For more information on Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics,visit http://www.youngbloodmineralcosmetics.com.au/


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