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Over 60 beauty brands online... for real!

Buying beauty products online these days can be really difficult. Ever bought some fabulous brand online for uber cheap and then wondered why it didn't work. Maybe it was a perfume and it didn't smell the same as it always has? Or it's a mascara but the application doesn't feel like it used to. If you've had this happen, then you've probably been conned! 

Yeah, sure, the products look the same... hell, maybe they even smell the same. So, surely then they must be the same?

Don't make a bet on it. There are literally billions of dodgy copy products saturating the market - especially in this industry. This often makes it really hard for innocent shoppers, much like yourself, to know if what they're buying is the real deal.The worst things is most of these products are being sold for ridiculously cheap prices... almost too good for consumers to refuse.

However, if it seems too good to be true then nine times out of ten it probably is. Unless you shop with Celcius of course. Seriously! We offer some of the most reputable skin care, hair care and beauty brands at really competitive prices. Best of all our prices are real... as are our products.

What's more, we also offer free shipping for all online orders over $100! To check out what brands and products we stock, click here. Have fun shopping. :) 


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