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by Jodie Hansen 02 Apr 2015

I absolutely adore KEVIN.MURPHY products! So it's no wonder this Pick of the Week is dedicated to one of my favourites from their range - BODY.MASS 

Perfect for thinning hair, BODY.MASS is rich in Oleanolic acid to help strengthen the hair at the root. Basically meaning it will prevent it from thinning and falling out. It works its magic by using thickening and lengthening technology to strengthen hair - the same stuff that is used to plump up eyelashes. You beauty! Think of it like a magic potion for your hair. Really. It's magic! After just a few sprays it will make your hair appear thicker and fuller instantly, stimulating hair growth and ultimately improving the quality over time.

For more information on the benefits of this wonderful KEVIN.MURPHY product, or to purchase a bottle (just $39.95), click here.


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