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5 Tips for Ultimate Straightening

Without a doubt one of the most used hair styling tools is the beloved straightener - well, at least in my opinion anyway.

I love straightening! So much so, I would have to say it's one of the easiest ways to tame any hair crazies on a day-to-day basis. But, don't get me wrong, even straightening (like most things in life) isn't perfect and can sometimes have you falling in the 'bad hair day' basket.

While this might be so, there are a few simple tricks you can keep up your sleep to avoid this happening.

Here are my top five: 

  1. Keep your hair clean - Ah duh. Might sound obvious but this simple rule of thumb often gets overlooked when one is in a hurry. However, taking the time to wash, rinse and repeat can often save you time at the other end which otherwise might be spent cursing in front of the mirror. 
  2. Take time to get it right from the start - Like all good things in life, you should avoid cutting corners when it comes to straightening. Doing so will only affect the end result. You know those girls that have random 'kinks' in there seemingly-straightened hair... they're corner cutters. Try to rush the art of straightening and you'll end up just like them. Not cool! 
  3. Comb it baby - That's right, give it a good old comb before you start and then continue to comb it again while straightening. This helps to hold the shape. 
  4. Divide and conquer - For the ultimate in sexy straightness your best plan of attack is to work section by section, dividing your hair and straightening it inch by inch. 
  5. Slow and steady wins the race - Straightening isn't something that can be done in five minutes so make sure you have allocated sufficient time to do it right before you begin. Sure, we all have moments where we want to chuck a major tanty and pelt our favourite brush at the mirror.  But when this moment comes over you remember to breathe! Keep breathing! As the key to perfect, long-lasting hair is to work slow and NOT lose your patience. 

Now, don't get me wrong, while all of these are valuable pointers, nothing beats using quality hair products. Thankfully that's where Celcius can help. We stock world leading hair care brands at prices that will have even the worst hair offenders smiling. To check out the full range of hair care products available at Celcius, click here

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