• Our 5 Best serums for every skin type

    Our 5 Best serums for every skin type
    If you're looking to supercharge your skincare routine, check out our top serum picks to help you get the skin of your dreams!
  • Dermapen is here! What is it and should you try it?

    Dermapen is here! What is it and should you try it?
    Dermapen™ has arrived at Celcius and we couldn't be more excited! Many of our clients have been asking us what it is and what it is used for, so here is a breakdown of Dermapen™ and the skin concerns and conditions it can be used to treat.  To celebrate the arrival of Dermapen™ we have a great introductory offer - contact us to find...
  • 5 essential beauty products to keep in your gym bag

    We all love a good workout . Well at least some of us do. Sure, a good gym sesh can have you feeling and looking great but it doesn't mean that you come along with just your trainers and a quality fitness bra.  If only it was that easy. To ensure your workout is a screaming success (before, after and during), here are five...
  • 5 tips to maintain blonde hair

    OK, unless you were born with it, blonde hair can be a bit of a nightmare to maintain! Everything, from going canary yellow after washing, to going green after swimming in chlorine - it’s a nightmare to keep looking good. But behold all your blondies... never fear! Thankfully, there are some tips and tricks to keeping your beautiful blonde locks looking aah-mazing all year round....
  • What is Kate Moss on about??

    Kate Moss, the face and body of one of our favourite tanning brands, St Tropez, and undoubtedly one of the most influential models of our time, has she come out with a doozy about her beauty routine. She recently told W Magazine that her best beauty tip came from the film Mommie Dearest??!! “Those old school tricks work!" said Moss, talking about her love of...
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