Help! I’m going on a Yoga Retreat – no makeup allowed??!! – Celcius

Help! I’m going on a Yoga Retreat – no makeup allowed??!!

OMG it sounded like a a good idea at the time.. three days of yoga…relaxing…no junk food…. Hang on. No makeup?? Seriously!! OK I get it. We are all beautiful and we are getting in to more than the skin deep, BUT…

Here’s the plan. Stash three essential items that even the most diligent of yoga yogis will never spot. And you can just look gorgeously a la natural in any position. So what are they??

Mascara – Long defined lashes, depth around the eyeline line AND colouring in regrowth should the odd grey hair around the hairline appear. But wait there’s more – you can also smudge it in your eyelid crease to add depth and if you get a waterproof one no amount of Bikram can melt your looks away.

BB Cream – this little gem can hide blemishes; add smooth tone to your skin and even your complexion. No one will ever know.

Lip stick – not pillar box red, but a good flesh tone colour is worth its weight in gold. Not only can you add colour to your lips, but you can smudge some on your cheeks for blusher and highlight your brow line. You’ll get an amazing healthy glow without any effort.

So fear not the yoga retreat, or any so called natural getaway. You can still look as stunningly natural on the outside as you feel on the inside.


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