What is Kate Moss on about??

Kate Moss, the face and body of one of our favourite tanning brands, St Tropez, and undoubtedly one of the most influential models of our time, has she come out with a doozy about her beauty routine. She recently told W Magazine that her best beauty tip came from the film Mommie Dearest??!!

“Those old school tricks work!" said Moss, talking about her love of plunging her face into a basin of ice-cold water in the mornings. "With slices of cucumber and you just put your face in it and you definitely wake up. It definitely works, because all the blood comes to the surface.” 

Hmm, we think genetics are really behind her great complexion, but is there any scientific proof behind her claims?

Short answer is no. In fact, ice water constricts blood flow to your face, so while you’ll certainly wake up a lot faster, (and possibly others in the house as they hear you scream from the cold) you’ll reap no benefits at all.

As for the cucumbers, well we all know they are low calorie and full of water but save them for the salad or a G & T as that’s where they do their best work. The small amounts of anti oxidants they contain are nowhere near enough to benefit your skin.

So whilst we love Kate and all she’s done for the fashion world, best she stick to modelling and leave skin care to the experts, hey? And for great products that actually work check out the amazing range at Celcius.

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