Why we love INIKA

INIKA is a fantastic range of cosmetics and is 100% Australian. That alone should make you love it... but wait, there’s more!!

INIKA is also the number one certified organic makeup brand worldwide, winner of multiple awards and even outperforms non-organic brands. So, what makes it such a star??

Perhaps the fact that it is 100% natural is a good place to start. Quality minerals are sourced right here in Australia so you know exactly what you’re getting. It feels weightless on your skin and hydrates too. Being free from any synthetic chemicals means no harm to you or the environment. Oh, and it’s also certified vegan, cruelty free and halal so everyone wins.

But beyond its impeccable morals and genuine care for all things natural, at the end of the day their makeup is fantastic. Flawless coverage and stunning colours teamed with an amazing range of vegan makeup brushes give you high end results without breaking the bank or the environment.

If you haven’t tried INIKA, you can even get trial size kits of the range, to test out all the goodies at home. You won’t be disappointed.

Celcius are proud stockists of INIKA and ship Australia wide so it’s super easy to try it for yourself and you’ll see why we love it. And in case you’re wondering? INIKA is a Hindu word for “small earth”, referring to the small world concept of women networking and sharing knowledge. Kinda makes us love it just that little bit more…..


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