Crazy beauty regimes you’ll be glad you never tried

These days talented skin care professionals, like the team at the Celcius Skin Centre, make it easy to have a good beauty regime. Sadly, this wasn’t always the case. So have a chuckle at some of these horrors…

1. The Geisha Facial

Aah, imagine your skin looking porcelain smooth like a Geisha, thanks to the secret ingredient, bird poop. But don’t start running around the yard waiting for some to land on you just yet, it’s not the raw droppings you need. They extract a chemical called Guanine from it before smearing it on your face. It’s actually popular again, with modern day Kabuki performers paying up to $180 per treatment!! (I’ll stick to regular facials thanks very much.)

2. Hallucinogenic drugs on skin blemishes 

Hmm, try explaining that one if it’s discovered in your bathroom. No need, just declare it’s the for the Prokotonic acne treatment! Yep, just rub your face with a mix of Vaseline and Ergotine. As if sliming your face with Vaseline isn’t bad enough, but Ergotine contains Lysergic Acid AKA LSD. Perhaps if you absorb enough you’ll think your blemishes are gone??

3. Lavender Freckle Cream

Sounds ok doesn’t it? Except apart from Lavender, it contained enough Hyrochloric Acid to melt not only your freckles, but your entire face away.

4. Reddening your lips with Bromine

Another reason to be grateful for lipstick, as Bromine these days is transported in lead lined steel drums with a radioactive sticker on the side. Talk about lips that glow…

Thankfully you can trust Celcius with your skin, why not book online today.

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