Wahoo I’ve finally got contact lenses – but my makeup is now on show…

The day is here; time to ditch those glasses for good.

You have your new contact lenses, but hang on, what’s that?? You’ve just realised your makeup up skills leave a lot to be desired. And without your glasses to hide behind, everyone can see your eyes, for good or for bad.

Fear not! Just because your eyes are exposed, doesn’t mean you are. Why not renew your look with a session with a makeup artist? They can show you some tricks you may have never considered, and give you tips for a new you to really show off your eyes now they’re not hidden behind glasses.

Celcius offer fantastic makeup lessons! You’ll brush up on makeup techniques and each lesson includes 100 per cent of the services redeemable on makeup purchased on the day.

So why not give the experts at Celcius a call on 8274 1111 and embrace the new you. Get out there and be gorgeous.

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