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  • Mineral Makeup: Why you should make the switch

    Mineral Makeup: Why you should make the switch
    If you've ever wondered what the hype around mineral makeup is all about, we've got you covered! Here at Celcius we stock, use and LOVE several mineral makeup brands including Youngblood, Jane Iredale, Glo Minerals and Inika. Here are just some of the benefits you will experience when going mineral: Less preservatives!  The most common ingredients in mineral makeup include iron oxides, zinc oxide,...
  • Makeup Muse: Why we're Gaga for Gaga

    Makeup Muse: Why we're Gaga for Gaga
    Over the years, Lady Gaga has proven that she’s a beauty icon we should all be following. Known for her outrageous red carpet fashion and impressive performances that rival the grandeur of a Broadway production, it is easy to dismiss Lady Gaga as a feminine style icon however her classic personal style is definitely worth taking a second look. Lady Gaga’s strong facial structure...
  • The latest trend is ear makeup (so we hear!)

    What’s the Instagram hit of ‘Ear Makeup’ all about?? Have you ever wondered where else you can apply makeup for an extra bit of glamour? Well thanks to Instagram you need wonder no more. Ear makeup is the latest craze and looks like a winner. It’s fun and different and is easy to do, even for novices. It may have appeared first back in 2014...
  • Hot winter lips

    One of the hottest trends this winter is dark lipstick and it’s nothing to be scared about. Dark sultry lips can suit everyone, and may just give your look a great new edge. Don’t worry about looking like a vampire; just follow our tips for a fabulous winter update. Always start with a lip liner, it may sound obvious but with dark colours you...
  • Nuts about Macadamia

    Who doesn’t love macadamia nuts?? But oh, so fattening. Forget eating them, turns out they’re great for your hair! How do we know?? Well the good folk at Macadamia Professional have travelled the world looking at all hair types to come to the conclusion that ALL have unique moisture and control needs. And the answer? Macadamia nut oil, (and some Argan oil thrown in...
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