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There’s nothing loopy about curls

Wahoo! Finally the news all gals with natural curls have been waiting to hear!

Curls are coming back in fashion, with glimpses shown on the catwalk in Gucci’s fall show. Everyone knows loopy waves have been in for a while, but we are headed back to embracing gorgeous natural curls in all their glory.

Gucci with the almost cherubic curls were not the only one, Diane van Furstenberg had her models in bouncy beach curls while Hood by Air went with disheveled spirals adding a hint of romance. So whatever type of curls you were born with you’ll be naturally ‘so now’.

How liberating this will be for all you lucky gals with curls, with less fuss in the bathroom and once again having people envious of your genes giving you such great locks.

Just treat your curls with respect, as no one likes a frizz-ball head of hair. Wide tooth combs, diffusers on hairdryers and fabulous defining lotions will keep your curls looking like... well... um... as curls.

We love Paul Mitchell Curl Around Crunch Free Curl Definer and Kevin Murphy Killer Curls.

So drop that hair straightener and show the world your curls. You’ll be surprised at how many of your friends turn green with envy….

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