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Nuts about Macadamia

Who doesn’t love macadamia nuts?? But oh, so fattening. Forget eating them, turns out they’re great for your hair! How do we know??

Well the good folk at Macadamia Professional have travelled the world looking at all hair types to come to the conclusion that ALL have unique moisture and control needs. And the answer? Macadamia nut oil, (and some Argan oil thrown in for good measure).

It’s all about the Omega Oil found in Macadamia nuts it turns out. Omega 7 is the closest oil to our natural hair and scalp oil so it makes sense it would be fabulous for our hair. And unlike many oils claiming to be great for hair, this one is easily absorbed, lightweight, non greasy AND there’s no build up!

This magic elixir will transform your hair, making it bounce, shine and be totally amazing.

Check out the range at Celcius online, not only is it fabulous but on sale too! So put that tax return to a good use and stock up today.


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